My pet

Hello! My name is Mandy. I like keeping pets. I have a rabbit near my bed. My rabbit name is Mimmy. Mimmy is a white rabbit. It’s small. Mimmy tail is short. Its ear is long. Mimmy mien is very cute. I like Mimmy.

One day. My father put Mimmy in the garden to eat vegetables. But, my father forgot to bring Mimmy back. He went home to cook lunch for me. I heard my father came home. I ran to my father. I said to my father:” Dad, where is Mimmy ? Is it happy?” My father left Mimmy in the garden. “Oh! I forget to bring her back! Mimmy is in the garden!” My father ran fast to the garden. But he didn’t see Mimmy. “Where is Mimmy?” My father searched a round. I waited for a long time at home. Suddenly I saw Mimmy beside the door. I walked to the door. “It is Mimmy, it is Mimmy.” Then my father came home. He saw Mimmy. He was very happy to see Mimmy. Mimmy is very happy to see us too.

I think Mimmy is very clever and cute. I like Mimmy. I like keeping rabbit very much.